Common Toe Problems and their Basic Guidance

The majority of people take their feet. They hold up longer than they have to before they visit a foot specialist for their issues. Be that as it may, it is important to be kind to your feet and treat its current issues before they limit your movement. Pain in the toe can arise due to injuries or abnormalities to different structures in toe including soft tissues, nerves, blood vessels, skin and bones. As our feet are continually presented to walking, running, different types of athletic activities and movement, injury is genuinely normal. Keep in mind; fourteen out of the twenty-six bones in the feet are in your toes. So don’t hold up to visit a foot specialist when you watch any foot issue.

Take the basic toe issues on the off chance that in case you’re uninformed of them


Your toe skin can grow rough-feeling area primarily caused by sick fitting shoes.

Toenail Fungus:

In the event that a toe nail ends up plainly whitish and thick and disintegrates when you touch it, you surely have toenail fungal infection. The condition is also referred as tinea.

Hammer toe:

It is foot deformation. In such a condition, the finish of the toe, twist descending like a hook.

Broken toe:

Split toe for the most part manifest from injury or damage to the toe or foot. These may include fall of an overwhelming article on the wounding a toe. A broken toe is also called toe crack.

Ingrown toenail:

It is a to a great degree agonizing condition where the nail grows into the tissue rather than over it. This more often than not occurs in the huge toe because of improper nail care, injury or ill-fitted shoes.


When you see dark or brown growth on the toe skin, you have mole. It may here and there turn cancerous. Therefore, ensure you experience a normal skin cancer screening on the off chance that you have a mole.

Verrucas and warts:

Hard and rough-surfaced lumps on the skin show warts. Verrucas are a type of warts that more often than not happens on the soles of the feet and now and again on the toes.

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