Choosing furniture rental for a venue with unique needs

When it comes to organising an event on large scale, we have to step out and look out for the venue, which is spacious enough to accommodate all the guests comfortably. In addition to space, you also have to compare the suitability of venue. If you believe, decorating fancy items and equipping with expensive furniture are the only treatments you can give to improve the feeling, you will be surprised to know that it is not enough. However, you have to check few other basic features like flooring, walls, height of the roof and size of the windows. Overall dimensions of the space are very important. Once you identified the plus and minuses of the venue you have booked, next step is to select the most suitable furniture rental and decorative items in accordance with the nature of the event.

For instance, the venues you may have selected is fine but possess few difficult to ignore issues, you can easily hide them with perfect decoration and equipment. Here I am sharing few simple furnishing and decorating tips to tackle problem areas.

Follow the rule of simplicity

Although venues don’t contain many built-in structures to provide maximum floor space, still there is a limit to play with décor and items to create the right ambiance. You can’t pick eye-popping décor with crazy furniture. Wrong choices will make space too busy. While choosing the stuff for the venue, you should aim to pick the items that disappear within the space. The stage should not be crowded with too many embellishments to hide the person on the stage. Instead of putting wooden dice pick a sleek crystal podium. Here simplicity means items with clean lines and little or no colour. Avoid massive contrasts and prefer white, gray, black and earth tones.

Cover the offender

Sometimes walls are painted inappropriately or it may cover with wallpaper, which doesn’t go with the theme of your occasion. Simply cover it with a curtain with the help of a portable rod. Once it is hidden, you can create dramatic effects with suitable lights, either dim or bright according to your choice of decoration.

Create a classic ambiance

Sometimes we don’t find perfect pieces for decorative items either due to the nature of your unit or budget. You can tactfully handle this situation after picking items that are less angular. Their common design enables them to mix up with the environment so well without highlighting their presence. Simple folding chairs and stools covered with black cloth are the perfect choices of classic and invisible furniture.

Split the space

It has been frequently observed that event venues are typically large spaces. They are made too large to provide guest space for performing all the activities ranging from listening the seminar to playing games and eating refreshment or dinner. This challenges event planner and rentals to decorate space. The best way to decorate these large spaces is to split them with portable curtain walls and removable partitions.

Tackling the problematic rental furniture

You may have rented the venue for a dance party or fashion gala that lacks sufficient ramp or dance floor. In order to meet the needs you need to rent dance floor but unfortunately, it doesn’t go with the rest of the items in décor. It can be easily treated with LED lights of desirable colours. Just because an object doesn’t compliment rest of the theme, you should not compromise. Be creative to transform things accordingly.

Summary: Always consider the unique venue requirements when it comes to choosing furniture rental for upcoming occasion. Fancy furniture is not always the right choice.


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